Saturday, June 7, 2014

The two kinds of people.

In my experience there are only two kinds of people. Those whom are stumbling towards wholeness, and those whom are running away from their pain. Except that this isn't true at all.

There are no "kinds" of people, for this implies a division where one does not exist. We are all people, and if we are going to speak of varieties of people then we are going to need a words in our language that do not yet exist, for there are a wider variety of people than there are words to describe them.

For myself, I reject the very idea of "kinds" for it gives excuse to otherize, to demean and weaken others for cheap, petty, personal reasons. I then suggest that if we were going to have such conceptual divisions in our language, such as the one I just used above, then we need to drop the idea of "kinds" or "types".

What I mean to say is that there are two primary states in the human experience, states which all of us, every last one, will vacillate back and forth between during our lives. This then is to me an accurate statement, some of us are stumbling in our human way towards the goal of wholeness, and some of us are not yet stumbling our way towards the goal of wholeness.

I do not think either type is inherently better or worse, but for myself, for my own preferences, I prefer the company of those like me, whom are making what efforts we can to stumble forwards.

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