Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why aren't you working right now?

We American's do not think of our bodies as ourselves. We think of our bodies as impediments to our inevitable success. We do not conceive of our physical form as a living being to be grown and nourished, but rather as a tool to be used and bent into whatever shape we think suits us at the moment. Never mind that while you can use a wrench as a hammer, you can only do that so many times before it can never be a wrench again. That is irrelevant, you've got nails to pound. And when our bodies become ill we do not seek healing or wholeness, we seek the shortest, fastest route to getting our body out of the way. We think that if a person is in too much pain to work that they really are just looking for any excuse.

It never occurs to us to value our bodies as ourselves, instead we seek to beat ourselves into submission so that we can get back to work as fast as possible. We want to solve all our physical and mental ailments by swallowing a couple pills in the morning before work. We are all just temporarily embarrassed millionaires and our bodies need to shut the hell up so that we can get a move on. Physical pain preventing you from working towards your destiny of opulence? Here, take this Opiate and quit your bitching. Anxiety or depression preventing you from unleashing your creative genius and releasing the Captain of Industry that you truly are? Swallow this SSRI, and if that's not enough have some synthetic cocaine to go with it.

There is no need to combine treatments or work on your body. Working on yourself is selfish and time consuming, swallowing a pill is fast. So take the pills, take as many as you need until you can't feel your body begging you to stop. The flesh is weak and must be punished, pain is just weakness leaving the body, struggle is just proof that you deserve to be counted among the Ubermensch.

Don't try to analyze why your arthritis flairs up every time you eat certain foods, that's hippy bullshit, get back to work. Don't go to therapy to try and gain control of your emotional state, you can't afford to waste that much time and money on whiny bullshit, get back to work. Never take sick days, you have to get back to work. Give birth to your child and only spend one night in the hospital, you have to get back to work. Putting forth effort to gain a deeper understanding and treat causes rather than symptoms is feel good nonsense. You don't have time for any of that shit, get back to work.

Why the fuck are you even reading provocative material that makes you think anyways, shouldn't you be getting back to work?

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